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Life quality score – Tallinn

So there you go. In Teleport Cities we have accumulated 300+ dimensions of income, cost & quality of life data about 260+ cities around the world. And now you can embed quite a few subsets of those, formatted and visualized as widgets about your favourite cities anywhere in your own content as you like.

Enjoy: developers.teleport.org/widgets/

Unejutt ühe kõrvaga jänesest

Mõnikord mõtleme me Gustavi ja Ettaga välja unejutte. Hakkad otsast harutama, pakud juurde tegelasi ja olukordi ja vaatad, kuhu lugu välja jõuab. Eile õhtul tuli kokku üks selline lugu, et oleks patt seda mitte teistele lapsevanematele kasutamiseks jagada:

Jänesetüdruk Viivika oli väikest kasvu loom, aga igas mõttes üle keskmise: nutikas, kannatlik, uudishimulik ja ilus. Ta kasvas täiesti tavalises peres, käis tavalises koolis ja elas üldjoontes täiesti tavalist jänese-elu. Ainus asi, mis tema juures oli silmnähtavalt teistmoodi oli see, et tal oli vaid üks kõrv. See üks kõrv oli nii pikk ja kena nagu üks jänesekõrv olema peab, aga teist lihtsalt polnud.
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Mille järgi ma valin?

Jalutasime sõber Magnusega veebruaripäikeselist California avenüüd pidi bento-lõunalt kontori poole tagasi ja korraks läks jutt valimiste peale. “Ma pole üldse jõudnud veel lugeda ja otsutada, aga valima ju peab,” ütles Magnus. Kuna olen poole silmaga katsunud ikka kodustel asjadel silma hoida, siis mõtlesin, et saadan talle portsu linke, millest endal on olnud kasu. Read the rest of this entry »

Estonia As Home Base For Roaming Entrepreneurs

Had some great interview questions from Arkadii Zaitsev, who is writing a piece about Estonian e-residency for a Russian-languaged publication called Meduza (worth checking their design!), operating out of Latvia for freedom of speech reasons. As it took a while to get these thoughts together decided to publish them directly in English too:

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On the Road Again

As it isn’t a good tone to have a blog sit stale for a year, I figured this place deserves at least a brief set of links as an update on what’s been happening.

The EIR period at Andreessen Horowitz was not only amazing on personal level, but also fruitful professionally. Even though I wrapped up there only in May, since beginning of this year I’ve been working on my next startup venture: Teleport. We officially founded it with Silver and Balaji in April, closed some seed funding soon after and now have been head down building team and product.

On November 14th, we released the first modest piece of our location search tech in public preview, aimed at helping startup people find the best place to live in the San Francisco Bay Area – give it a try and tell me what you think!

If you’re interested more about what we’re up to, read the coming-out-of-the-closet blog post from April, or a more recent one explaining our focus on startup people. Or just lean back and let me explain it to you in 10 minutes in a speech held at Slush 2014:

It is quite amusing now to see how all of this builds on my Slush 2013 speech and blogpost series on Looking at Europe from Silicon Valley… Some things are just meant to come together, I guess.

As you can guess, life on the early stage startup road is quite busy, the good kind of busy. Hence you can find me quicker at these places than on this personal blog for now:

Managing the Idea Buffet

As a follow-up to my post on what an EIR does, I promised to share a little more detail on how I practically go about filtering ideas. Effective filtering, choosing what to engage in and what to respectfully decline fast can be the pillar of effective time management in any case, but even more so when you are growing your own startup ideas list or get bombarded by incoming shiny new things through the dealflow at a firm like Andreessen Horowitz or while networking outside.

The tool I chose to increase control of the process is super simple: write down the list of properties that define an inspiring next venture for you. And then, iterate through discussions.

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Looking at Europe from Silicon Valley at Slush 2013

The fabulous Slush crew has posted a 13 minute video of my speech on how does European tech scene look from Silicon Valley these days:

If you rather prefer long form reading (and to contribute to discussion), this short version later expanded into a series of 3 blog posts :


So… What Does an EIR Actually Do?

This has been a persistent question since I started my Entrepreneur in Residence gig at Andreessen Horowitz, and one that I have had to both figure out for myself and explain over and over again. If you explicitly search for it, you can find an occasional article or Quora thread on the topic – but as people rightfully point out in those, it is a rather vague role that varies in each case and from VC firm to firm. So, once-and-for-all, here’s what it’s been like for me so far.

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On Bridges, Part 3: What Can Europe Give to Silicon Valley?

Bridge_drawingThis is the final post of 3 contemplating how Silicon Valley and European tech scenes could get closer to each other. The series are an expansion of a short speech I gave at Slush conference in November 2013 – video of which should be online soon. I believe this topic calls for more discussion and thinking along than 15 one-directional minutes on conference stage allowed. To get up to speed, read Part 1 and Part 2 here.

After looking at the widening gap between European and Silicon Valley tech scenes and establishing that the usual first priority, raising money from the other side might not be the most feasible way to fix this – the questions becomes: how can we build more non-financial ties between our scenes?

As US is not paying close attention I believe that the key to the solution is on the European side. And to succeed in driving this change in relationships, Europe needs a mindset shift.

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On Bridges, Part 2: Why Should Europe Care for Silicon Valley

Bridge_drawingThis post is 2nd of 3 discussing ways Silicon Valley and European tech scene could get closer to each other. The series are an expansion of a short speech I gave at Slush conference in November 2013 – video of which should be online soon. I believe this topic calls for more discussion and thinking along than 15 one-directional minutes on conference stage. As an intro, see Part 1 here.

Europe’s tech scene is buzzing. Those of us who have been on both sides can attest that the people innovating there, business models attempted and technologies applied in Europe are very much aligned with what’s happening in Silicon Valley, despite of the separation. So it would make sense to link up more, right?

As a healthy sanity check before jumping to that conclusion, let us ask: why would we need stronger ties? Looking from Europe, that is.

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