Välistööjõud: jää hakkab sulama

ETV24 vahendusel saame lugeda, et Majandusministeeriumi komisjon, mis pandi kokku Eestisse kutsutava välistööjõu ees lebavate muldvallide lammutamiseks, hakkab tasapisi esimeste ettepanekutega üles Toompeale sörkima.

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EsTraadiTopi pleilist

Kuna juba õige mitmes inimene on minult seda listi palunud, siis allpool ongi ära toodud üks ülimalt subjektiivne eesti lugude Top 10, mis sai Tõnis Mäega maha mängitud 30. detsembril 2006 EsTraadiTopi saates Kuku raadios:

  1. Bizarre – Any Day
  2. KalmRun
  3. ChaliceSiuhh
  4. Köök – Loskutovi tippmark
  5. Oluline feat. MC Kampsun – Emake loodus
  6. Von Suck – Vajuv vesi
  7. Jäääär – Õhk kõnnib tänaval
  8. Lu:k – La:v
  9. Röövel ÖöbikKids’ Stuff
  10. Uno Loop – Isad ja pojad

Aga kus on kõrgekvaliteedilised MP3-ed? Ei saa. Head eesti muusikat tuleb selle toetamiseks osta.

Saade ise on kuulatav siit: esimene tund ja teine tund (WMA, á 14MB).

2006 Travel Summary

A very rough summary of travel statistics from 2006, excluding vacations (ahem, those were not there much anyway):

  • Number of business trips: ~30
  • Flight legs: ~70
  • Days away from home: ~70
    • London: ~25 days
    • Luxembourg: ~7 days
    • San Jose/Santa Cruz: 6 days
    • Shanghai: 5 days
  • Number of countries visited (excluding airports): ~13
  • Most active month: May – 10 countries in 33 days
  • SAS Eurobonus miles collected since August: 53000+

This is an obvious occasion to say thanks to Ede and Kusti for being so understanding about this madness. If anything, 2007 will hopefully be bit lighter on short intra-European cityhopping. Thank you in advance as well!

UPDATE: Apparently, having a geeky overview of your travel statistics over time is one of those geeky things we do at Skype…


One of those Google homepage personalization widgets, Japanese Word of the Day is advertised with a surprisingly relevant screenshot. Worth reposting here for the educational pleasure of Seikatsu-blog readers:


Experience from Building Skype – a Global Company from Europe

Transcript of my speech at the The First Two Years of EU Membership conference in Budapest, as kindly typed up by the organizers.
My name is Sten Tamkivi, and I am representing Skype. As I prefer two-way discussions to one-way speeches, I will try to be quick. I guess I was invited to speak at this conference mainly because our company is very young – just three years of Skype’s existence –, and secondly because it is very European by its roots. Just to give you a short introduction: we are headquartered in Luxembourg, but our largest office is in Tallinn, Estonia, where I actually come from. Our second largest office is in London, and there are other smaller entities in various countries in the world. We are a quickly and enormously growing company.

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Back in business

Imported some 2-year-old entries from archive depths to decrease the feeling of loneliness of a fresh blog engine install.