Cynensis R&D conference

I had the honor to chair the first day of Cynensis R&D Management conference in Brussels yesterday. The event was much smaller and more intimate than I expected, which in combination of the very impressive speaker and participant roster created very good atmosphere and interesting discussions.

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Subconscious alert

I was driving around the city and got stuck behind a bus. Continued to think my thoughts until in about 5 minutes I felt somewhat disturbed. Took a more careful look at the bus’ rear and realized the “serial number” there was exactly the same as a 4-digit PIN code I use the most! Hope you understand why this is my first mobile blog post without a photo of the PIN, in big bold numbers. 🙂

Weird how the brain triggered a subconscious personal privacy alert before I even consciously read the number. More so, I have never seen or written the number down before.

Paar päeva Eesti majanduspoliitika tegelikel teemadel

Eesti Tööandjate Keskliit tähistas sel nädalal oma 90. sünnipäeva, palju õnne veelkord!
Sel puhul toimus (vähemalt) kolm üsna erinevat sündmust, millest isiklikult osa sain ja millega seoses tekkinud mõtted panen allpool kirja:

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