Wii + Finetune: Living Room Jukebox

Got a tip from our unofficial Wiitards of Skype multichat that accidentally solved a problem I’ve pondered about for years but never have really come around to solving: an online digital music library played on where it should – the proper hifi / home theatre setup in the living room.

There is a myriad of options. MediaCenter PC-s. Sonos. Airport Express and Apple TV. XBox360 streaming from a PC. And probably hundreds of niche solutions more. I just couldn’t choose and the issue didn’t hurt enough – I do have a few CDs I like.

So what did the trick for me:

  • Turn on your Wii
  • Open Internet Channel aka Opera (get it from Wii store channel for free, if you haven’t yet)
  • Go to http://www.finetune.com/wii/
  • Voilá!

For some reason you even don’t have to register to get basic streaming at once. I did though, and that seemed to open more exhaustive tag-based and artist searches.

The streaming audio quality over public internet is of course as it is, not really hifi grade. But decent enough for even quite loud background listening. Libraries seem quite exhaustive, from indie to recent pop to some old school hiphop.

Only caveat: burn-in risk. If I left it on for hours to see the song titles and album covers of what’s playing, I’m sure I would have the virtual shelf-full of stacked albums + the enormous Opera controls embossed into my plasma screen for good. Not an issue for CRT, LCD or projector users, of course.

Also, I have no clue about Finetune’s (future) business model.

  • crz

    You seem not to be an audiophile :-p
    While I can’t immediately decide is it good or bad for you:)

  • In situations like picking equipment I can be quite annoying, trust me. Not quite as bad as “vinyl with self-built pre-amp and caseless speaker elements” though. 🙂
    And then in other times, like getting some random background tracks of a given theme to my living room when a bunch of friends have come over to have a glass of wine, I can give in quite a bit, like in the case above.

  • please make it so i can find indvidual songs on the artists recordings,or perhaps a song title list thankyou in advance

  • Donna

    Can u tell me how to get my playlists to play the entire song on finetune.com thru my Wii? It just palys partial tracks….