Millal saab telefoni teel suudelda?*

Käisin eile Kahvli-saates vestlemas kommunikatsiooni tuleviku teemadel. Kogu saade tervikuna oli päevakohaselt rahutuste-teemast tiine.
Viimatisest otse-televisiooni kogemusest oligi möödas üle kümne aasta, seega värskendav kogemus ka vormilt (nagu vähemalt mõnele vaatajale ka sisult, ma siiralt loodan). hetkel veel 3. mai saadet näha ei ole, aga küll tuleb.
UPDATE: Nüüd ongi saate salvestus internetis olemas. Lõik algab ca 44:30 minutil.

(*pealkirjas saate eelreklaamis esitatud küsimus, mis siiani vastuseta.)

Time Machine in Tallinn

Tallinn TV tower is a miraculous place. In most elevators the numbers on buttons indicate floors, in this case it must be years the time machine will take you back. As you can see, today you can choose to go back to approximately 170m high (trivia fact: the tower itself is 314m) as it was in 1986.
Time machine
This is what people ate in 1986 in Soviet Estonia as a fancy dish. Chicken Kiev is basically a cutlet filled with… melted butter and herbs. Load of potatoes on the side not pictured.
Chicken Kiev
The view on Tallinn Botanical Garden for some reason reminded me that I haven’t started the golf season yet. Wouldn’t this be a nice location for 18 holes?
18 holes
Happy birthday, Alice and thanks for inviting us up/back there!

Post-bluescreen errors

My working day started with a blue screen. Had not experienced that for years. However more annoying than the crash itself (unread Skype chats list, Firefox tabs restored themselves quickly) were some of the error messages presented to me.

Who on earth would have typed this address manually as the message suggests?


And how would you answer this “question”?


There are plenty of guidelines for proper error message design out there.