How to Make 8.5 Million Percent Profit on Water

Over the top
I will eat my hat if this is not one of the highest margin products in the world. 150ml of Evian water for about 7 EUR (47 EUR per liter!) because… you can spray it! (I’m sure many people have tried this spraying trick with the plain old water and miserably failed, right?)
The product on the shelf above (not displayed) gets even better – a 50ml bottle of the same thing runs at a calculated liter price of 76 EUR! For comparision, a cubic meter or 1000 liters of tap water in Tallinn, Estonia where this picture was taken at costs about 0.9 EUR. That’s 0.0009 EUR per liter.
This is potentially a 8 500 000% profit for you if your brand is strong enough to turn people insane and make them buy your water in a bottle. With a spray. I’m sure the packaging and transport will cut a few thousand percent off the margin, but you’re still OK.
For additional data read what AskPablo recently calculated on the true costs of exotic water imports from Fiji to the US.
And if you should ever buy something like sprayable Evian, unsubscribe from this blog and just go and stand ashamed in the corner.

  • Personally I think that anyone who regularly buys bottled water should stand in a corner. Not only does it make no economic sense it’s also terrible for the environment in terms or redirecting water sources and the plastic waste.
    A lot of bottled water is simply tap water that is slightly more purified as admitted now by PepsiCo.

  • I haven’t bought it, but what’s wrong with bottling water into spray bottle and selling it to people at a high margin? It’s called “capitalism”. I can’t see how this is any worse or different from, say, expensive wine or video games or Vertu mobile phones.

  • Jaanus, call me naive, but being a capitalist myself I still believe that short-term economic benefits need to be balanced with the environmental impact.
    However, as you point out there is not that much wrong done by _producing_ it as there is utter stupidity shown by _buying_ it. The fact that this business is worthwhile as the demand apparently exists makes me sad.
    And to Andres – I have to admit that as the water in my house is not quite drinkable straight from the tap I do buy bottled water. But only locally produced and in large (2-5 liter) packaging, for what it matters.

  • Oliver

    But you can’t get it sparkling from the tap.

  • bertrand

    Hi Sten !
    I think that having vacations on the other side of the globe is little bit more anti-environment than buying a little bottle of Evian.
    And purchasing plastic toys from China is not so environmentally friendly..
    same with drinking South African or Australian wines (Ok Ok, for this one, I am slightly biased 😉 )
    etc.. etc.. the main issue is rather in our way of life. As individuals we have the choice to purchase NOT, but please, let’s not put in this some kind of moral judgment. As Jaanus says, this is simply market’s law…
    But if entrepreneurs are including such costs in their strategy instead of “externalizing” them to the whole community, then we are definitely on the right way.