Mashup request: Skype and

As the Skype Mashup Competition (see the wiki page as well) is still going on until August 31st, I thought I’d throw an idea out there maybe someone cares to implement and submit. (Creative Commons applied).
The Problem
People send me links through Skype chats. Would it be an interesting article somewhere, a page on the internal wiki, a video on YouTube or some other funny you-got-to-see-this thing out on the internet.
Some of those links I need and want to click right away. Some of them (the “recreational” ones) I maybe would go through once or twice a week… if I still had them in front of me, not in the depths of a high-traffic multichat.
The Solution

Build a small mashup application that captures incoming Skype chats on Skype API and adds the detected URLs to a given bookmark list. That’s the core functionality that would be already of value.

Some nice to have features for the future:

  • Extract the text in chat message before and after URL as link description
  • Let a user define a blacklist based on URL contents to ignore (like
  • Add metadata-tags to bookmarks
    • fromskype:username to indicate who the link came from
    • fromchat:(multi)chatname to inidicate which chat it came from
  • Batch-processing. Gather all links and let me check the day’s list at once to be added to (or opened at once as browser tabs)
  • Maybe some more ways of filtering? Tagging links that were sent along a certain emoticon?

Thanks. Let me know where I can download it when ready! And don’t forget to enter the competition.

  • Seeing as I’m unlikely to have time to cobble anything together for the competition, could whoever’s going to do this allow me to bookmark blacklisted sites as private bookmarks, rather than ignoring them altogether. Thanks 🙂

  • Hi! I really like your idea.
    I’ll try to convince my boss 😉