You can now add video to Skype Moodmessages

Skype 3.5 beta update that went out yesterday features a very neat way to share video content. Add videos to your mood message that your contacts see, create multichats with embedded video to discuss it with friends, etc.
This is a project that has been cooking in my team’s kitchen for a while so I’m personally very interested in your feelings towards the new experience. Do you like it? Is the experience natural? Does your computer behave fine when playing videos? Is there anything we can improve?
Please download Skype 3.5beta for Windows and play around with it. And ping me with feedback or speak up in community forums what you think. Thanks!

  • Too bad you can’t add your own videos, just select from the Metacafe clips. Not very personal, is it 🙂 You should be able to upload your own clips, most importantly 3gp mobile videos.

  • Well, actually you can add your own clips, but in a more roundabout way at this stage – just upload them to Metacafe. (There is even a banner for this on the right side of the Metacafe gallery)
    And stay tuned for more content providers.

  • Right, old greek or romans had a saying about this, something about fixing you teeth not through your mouth but another hole … 😉