Blip.TV Beats YouTube on Quality

PC World has published a comparative review on video sharing sites. With the exception of Korea and France, YouTube still seems to be the #1 global option to get distribution for your flicks. However — as I’ve also concluded recently for myself — there is so much variety of (non-clone!) alternatives out there that beat the YT-behemoth hands down on quality, interesting niche approaches, revenue sharing models and more.

I’m especially happy that (a recent ASI investment) has come out first on PC World’s Top10 quality chart (check out the side-by-side embedded video comparision page as well).

The premiering content partners for Skype’s video sharing, Dailymotion and Metacafe also get mentioned. First as the feeder of all those French eyeballs and second for the monetization models for independent producers. Get Skype for Windows 3.5 gold or later to share the content of those two sites with your contacts.

34 Knots

Margus shooting
A great half-day of sailing on the Tallinn Bay with friends, featuring 34 knot wind and sunshine. A rare combo.
Margus (pictured above) posted his pictures here.

Correction: Estonian entry to Seedcamp

Happy to say that I was just a bit hasty with my posting a few days ago. Apparently the blogged country list was not exhaustive – just learned that RealEyes has sent in an application. Good luck with making it to the Top 20.

Lonely Estonian at Seedcamp

As the Seedcamp key dates are rolling by and the September week in London is getting closer for the lucky 20, Saul has been posting some intermediary updates.

My little personal sad news is that among the 260 applications sent in there was no a single one from Estonia. Hope it was not because the spreading the word effort was modest (thanks, guys, for helping on that!) rather because every startup (idea) around here already has enough competence, experience and financing. Wouldn’t be that nice to believe?

On there more positive side I’m going to be dropping by the event anyway on September 4th which is the Going to Market day covering product design and development as well as marketing strategies. It is quite cool to see that there is a notable group of people from and around Skype going to mentor. Even cooler – we didn’t agree on this internally as a Skype “raid”, but people are donating their time.

Looking forward to getting to know this wave of best & brightest entrepreneurs in person soon.

Tööjõukriis juustuletis

Labour crisis
Rimi on leidnud loomingulise lahenduse juustuspetsialistide puudusele: piimakülmutamisspetsialistid laiendavad oma mõjusfääri!

Solving the Home Storage Problem

As any next person these days I’ve been suffering for years with the issue of storage. I mean the digital photos & music & file backups, not golf clubs and bicycles this time. We have three notebooks in our household, one of them employer-owned e.g. both policy-wise and philosophically not personal content friendly. All running close to hard drive capacity. Plus I have a few external hard drives that are a burden enough to find and attach at the right time to be regular at backups.
So I went out and bought a gadget, a 1 terabyte Iomega Storcenter Wireless Network Storage box to be more precise. (BTW, Iomega seem to have lowered the price by 40% since then, thankyouverymuch).

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Chateau in sunset
Spent five days of my vacation in France to get Burgundy checkmark to the wine-areas-visited list, next to Bordeaux and French Catalonia (Languedoc Roussillon) trips from a few years ago. Chateau du Four de Vaux was our base camp pictured above. Should you ever look for a place to chill at with a group of friends – very highly recommended.
As Kusti has already done some more thorough reporting (in Estonian) on our visits to Joseph Drouhin winery in Beaune and Francois Freres oak cask factory in St-Romaine, I will spare you of the quick’n’dirty summaries for now. However especially the cask making process was very interesting, so I might return to it. Until then – mobile photoset available here.