Eesti 90 Logotype

Since the first day of this year my daily route from home has been hemmed in by outdoor banners for [Eesti 90]( – the year-long calendar of celebrations of the 90th jubilee of the Republic of Estonia.
I like the logo design better by day. The “birth” theme of a stylistic plant is subtle enough to take anywhere between 5 seconds to 2 weeks for a person to realize the embedded 9 & 0 digits. And the aesthetic choice of typography next to it is as cold and Nordic as we are.
Full [brandbook and goodies are available here](
Thank you, [Kaarel Vahtramäe]( @ [Velvet]( for winning that logo contest last summer.

  • oh, it’s “90” there… crikey, it has always reminded me a logo of an Estonian dairy (i can’t put my finger on it, which one) or a kolkhoz from my childhood 🙂

  • IMO it’s way better than the notorious welcometopalESTina, and i guess it probably didn’t take EEK 14 M to create.