Summer Quarter Schedule & Books

Now this post my dear classmates will find quite useless, but some friends outside have noted it should have preceded all those random study notes. Namely: what are the classes we are taking in Summer quarter and what are these textbooks I keep referring to. So here we go, better late than never.

Stanford GSB Sloan 2013, Summer quarter schedule

Basically, the idea of the July start is to get a number of core courses required for the MS degree out of the way and release more calendar time from Fall quarter on when the 2-year MBA program’s classes of GSB and electives “across the street” (e.g in other schools of Stanford) begin to be offered.

Code Class Professor Textbook
GSBGEN-259 Sloan: Ethics Krehbiel TBD
MGTECON-209 Statistics and Economics Oyer Complete Business Statistics by Aczel (this book is so terrible and error-laden I am not even going to link to it – you’re better off reading Statistics For Dummies®) and Microeconomics by Perloff
OB-219 Sloan: Organizational Design Soule Strategic Management by Saloner (who happens to be current GSB dean), Shepard & Podolny
OB-289 Sloan: Negotiations Neale Negotiating Rationally by Bazerman & Neale(!)
POLECON-239 Sloan: Strategy Beyond Markets Jha Business and Its Environment (6th Edition) by Baron

The fall quarter electives selection just opened last night and we have to make our choices by Monday evening. There is quite a bit of randomization and lottery involved to ensure fairness given the high demand – many more famous classes already now sport waiting lists of 50 people. I will share more on the outcome once Fortuna is done with all the smiling for some (and frowning for many).