Eesti 95


Photo courtesy of Mike Barnes

I was honored to speak last night at the Estonian Independence Day reception thrown by the local Estonian society, aka Eesti By The Bay.

The below are my speaking notes, not a full transcript. Happy 95th Birthday, Estonia!

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A Little Different Book Review

The most surprisingly resonating fiction book I’ve read in a while inspired a little more experimentally formatted review:
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The Stanford Bubbles

As I was elected to be the Sloan Fellows representative to our school’s newspaper The GSB Reporter for this year and even though I have (see Herbert’s reflection on organizing our flash mob) and will be recruiting classmates to do most of the writing, I did submit an opinion below into the first issue that came out this week. Re-posting it here as getting the paper fully online is one of the priorities for the editorial team, but a work in progress. And for the non-local readers, have spiced the text up with some hyperlinks for background & context.

The Stanford Bubbles

The heat of the Summer quarter on campus, a luxurious head start the Sloan Fellows of GSB had this year left us a little space to ponder where have we landed. Walking one day between our campus lawns maintained exclusively with nail clippers, so lush green on the backdrop of deeply burned hillsides around The Dish it suddenly struck me:

We are truly living in a bubble here.

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Getting Settled at Stanford

Stanford Graduate Business School

I considered writing a “how to” kind of a post for grad students arriving to Stanford for the first time, but got lucky – my GSB Sloan 2013 classmate Herbert already did just that here. So if that’s the web search topic that got you here – go read what Herbert says, I (for the most part) fully agree.

But nevertheless, let me add a few more random thoughts, impressions and inspirations from the first 2 weeks:

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