Week 9: Kant, Golden Balls, Nash and Jack Bauer

Stanford GSB Sloan Study Notes, Week 9, Summer quarter done

Pages assigned for reading: who cares now? 🙂

And this is it, one quarter of our year here is done already, with an awesome Ethics crash course finale competing with TechCrunch Disrupt SF (not part of official curriculum, but stealing a lot of attention from most of the class anyway, esp with their sweet -90% student discount) and all culminating with our last exam, Microeconomics this morning. In which, as you can see from the picture of the scoring table below, I am quite confident to bring home at least 5 points:

Yes, we have been warned about this year passing (too) fast, but I still didn’t expect this blink… And here’s what we learned in the last summer week, before the MBAs stormed the campus for their Week Zero and took most of the spots in the lunch line at Arbuckle:

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