A Little Different Book Review

The most surprisingly resonating fiction book I’ve read in a while inspired a little more experimentally formatted review:
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Tere, Flickr!

Tere, flickr!
Messing around with travel pictures today on Flickr I suddenly noticed that their front page greets me in Estonian. No, this is not localization (they still only support 6 languages), just one of the randomized foreign language tutorial/greetings. Cute, nevertheless.
Weird how after that I have started noticing other interesting versions such as Lingala, Maöri and Tshiluba rotating in the same real estate. This happened only now after seeing a familiar, but surprising phrase there once. The same level of attention was never “bought” with the usual Hindi, Portugese and German greetings I’ve known they use there.
So… what? Flickr has conceptually changed the way people organize and share their photos online. That sort of fundamental interface approach change is virtually impossible without grabbing users’ full attention first.
Maybe there are more cognitive (not just functional) tricks around the successful web2.0 sites like Flickr that users even don’t realize exist, but what keep them attached?

A bunch of good Skype mashups

Congrats, Dick & Christoph at PamConsult on winning the Skype Mashup Competition 2007! Even though I have not sent a fax in like 10 (ok, maybe it is just 5) years I am sure that PamFax has conservative old school business users flocking as we speak.

There was a whole bunch of good entries, really happy as it was the first competion we held. I’ve actually used a few of them before, like Twitter4Skype and Anothr. However, my humble request did not show up yet – so there is still a chance for you to develop it for the next round. Or before.