More on CrushCamp

Discovered that one of the CrushPad winemakers who kindly hosted us at a recent CrushCamp is also a food and wine blogger: VMac + Cheese.

She has taken the time to take a bunch of photos from my photoset and put together a storyline around it. Great reading if you’re interested to understand the process better, especially as she has added keyword links to explanatory pages at CrushNet‘s EnoWiki too.

Making wine at Crushpad

Grape cap
On a recent trip to California got a chance to visit [Crushpad]( They are a high-end winery… where you are the winemaker. Some of my friends invested in them last year and one of them has been pushing a group of us to make a barrel of our own wine together. So we kicked off the process and it has moved along, for some reason without much enthusiasm from my part.
Now after being there, including a half-day [Crushcamp]( ([full photoset here]( of hands-on winemaking, I have gotten really excited.

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