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2006 Travel Summary

A very rough summary of travel statistics from 2006, excluding vacations (ahem, those were not there much anyway):

  • Number of business trips: ~30

  • Flight legs: ~70

  • Days away from home: ~70

  • London: ~25 days

  • Luxembourg: ~7 days

  • San Jose/Santa Cruz: 6 days

  • Shanghai: 5 days

  • Number of countries visited (excluding airports): ~13

  • Most active month: May – 10 countries in 33 days

  • SAS Eurobonus miles collected since August: 53000+

This is an obvious occasion to say thanks to Ede and Kusti for being so understanding about this madness. If anything, 2007 will hopefully be bit lighter on short intra-European cityhopping. Thank you in advance as well!

UPDATE: Apparently, having a geeky overview of your travel statistics over time is one of those geeky things we do at Skype…

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