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My new job: first launch

For about two weeks now I’ve been acting in a new role in Skype as General Manager for eCommerce (while still holding the role of GM for Skype in Estonia). As with any change in positions it always takes quite an effort to get up and running, but I already see light in the end of that tunnel. Fortunately there is a great team of individuals and a pipeline with highly potent projects in place.

Anyway, even though due to joining late my personal input to this specific development has been virtually none it is still really cool to be part of my first Skype eCommerce product launch: SkypeFind went out yesterday, along with Windows client 3.1 beta release.

We’re about to hit first 1000 user generated and rated business listings about now, 22 hours after the launch. They come from 352 people in 67 countries. Not a bad start at all, but still 171 million more users to go.

By the way these real-time stats are public for you in the SkypeFind tab of 3.1 client so get it now. And start contributing to the Skype users community with your experience with local restaurants, haircuts, banks, cab companies, massage parlors, cat groomers or any other businesses you love… or hate. And seek for hints on best places to eat at in your next travel destination anywhere in the world.

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