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Very very international

I’ve always considered one of the coolest things about working for Skype the deeply international group of people. About a fifth of our Tallinn staff of almost 300 have moved to Estonia from elsewhere in the world to work with us. And that group of happy expats has over 30 nationalities. In Skype globally, the unique nations count must be something in higher fifties, I think.

I very strongly believe into the cultural, linguistic and human diversity this setup has brought to our products and the company overall. We could never continue to delight people in almost every single country in the world if we didn’t have a sample of them working with us.

My freshest personal experience is my own eCommerce team. On our first team offsite meeting in Tallinn earlier today we did a round of introductions and after some intriguing personal stories shared about … oh well, let it be… there was the bit on where everyone has their roots: Australia, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, United States. Not bad at all for a group of 20 present.

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