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Chef Risto’s Magic

We had a fabulous home cooking night with a group of friends, featuring Chef Risto at my place the other night. There was too much deliciousness going around to describe it all here, but a few ideas worth trying can be shared.

Ideas 1 & 2: Scare the tomatoes (sectors, not slices) on a hot frying pan for 30 seconds before adding them to the mozarella salad. And top the whole thing with thinly sliced chilli pepper, which has been fried brown and then left into a sealed baking bag for about an hour to soften up and become easily peelable & slicable:


Idea 3: For golden and extremely tasty potatoes (to serve your veal tournedos on, in our case) cut them into thick slices and lay in a shallow pan in one layer into a mix of melted real butter and chicken boullion cubes. Top the pan with a sheet of baking paper torn into a round shape and a hole in the middle. Add some tap water from time to time when the potatoes become too dry, to keep the process hanging somewhere between boiling and frying.

Potato trick with baking paper

More photos available for your drooling pleasure. Don’t click when hungry.

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