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Pied á Terre

John D on Scallop sausages

Had a lovely romantic dinner at Pied á Terre on Charlotte street in London, a two Michelin star venue run by Shane Osborn. (Trivia fact: he apparently was the first Australian to ever receive a Michelin star recognition in 1999).

Everything from the apperative Apple Martini to the basics of how bread & butter are served was as perfect as the first time I was there about 6 months ago. Highly recommended. The menu on their website seems to be out of date a bit though, prepare for some (good) surprises when you go. And unless you feel really confident around the two hardcover books of wine lists (PDF-s available) I recommend letting the sommelier matching them by glass to each dish.

The top gourmet experience for me this time: scallop sausages served along the white fish pictured above.

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