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Vinyl logos

oldschool vinyl logos

A display of logos I noticed passing the Universal building this morning on my way to work. The last time I ever saw some of these true classics (like Island & Polydor) was browsing my dad’s vinyl collection… maybe fifteen years ago, was it?

I can understand it in the virtual world of music downloads, but I wonder why do the music industry logos on the CD-s you buy stick in the eye so much less than the (as I remember them to be) prominent ones on 12″ covers? Were they really bigger then? Or was holding a record just so much more special that you cared to notice the details? Or did/does vinyl as a medium dictate a much wider range of cool brands than those of the few mainstream global music powerhouses everything has consolidated into?

(I’m going to be kicked now by all my turntable-savvy postmodern friends here if they care to come out from behind their stash of hot vinyl releases from last week.)

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