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Joined the Board of Praxis

I yesterday formally joined the Supervisory Board of Praxis. Praxis is a think tank of about a dozen people doing very thorough analysis for policy makers in Estonia and increasingly elsewhere in Europe. Some of the topics they cover are obviously very close to my heart, such as IT & communications, innovation, R&D, economic development. Others like the public health or social policy are something I know less about, if from the end user / citizen experience.

Check out the recent publications for more. And they also blog, however in Estonian only.

I hope that in my humble role I can contribute to the growth of Praxis, both profile and size wise. I very strongly believe in the role of highly professional and thorough research and analysis, which yet is practical enough in format for a common man to understand, as the basis for conquering the challenges our small society and the world in general have. Independent thought goes a long way before any smart decision can be made. And we all know what some decisions can look like if they are led from day to day politics as opposed to longer term scientific rationale.

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