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More on massive cyber attacks against Estonia

A few additional references to those who have followed up on my previous post about recent Russian cyber attacks against Estonia:

  • There was a second wave of coordinated attacks that started on the night before May 9th. Most of the targeted sites were still government and media related. Among the affected this time was also Hansabank, the largest bank in the Baltics of whose transactions 90%+ are made online, with their internet bank down for almost an hour and a half.
  • Estonian Informatics Centre claims that more than a million unique hosts from all over the world have been used for distributed attacks in the first 10 days. The local CERT unit has been busy.
  • Estonian Minister of Defence, Jaak Aaviksoo (his blog has been quiet recently), has promised to escalate the situation for consultations by the upcoming summit of NATO ministers.
  • Jaanus has taken time to cover this topic very well, I especially appreciate the broader overview of the various internet governance bodies involved and their role in these kind of situations, today and in the future.
  • Edward (the most passionate friend of Estonia in top tier international press) is keeping his eyes open on the cyber war. Check his blog for updates, often more thorough than his printed writings in The Economist. Like this very balanced view on where we are a few weeks after the riots.
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