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Le Table des Guilloux

Sunday night fish

Had an excellent dinner with colleagues at Le Table des Guilloux a bit outside Luxembourg city. As it was quite late on Sunday evening and after two tiring delayed flights, I did not feel like taking written or even mental notes on what exactly we had for food and wine, just enjoyed ourselves. To put it bluntly in the non-gourmet-review language:

  • Oysters were the sweetest I’ve ever had. Almost as if they were caramel filled.

  • Asparagus under perfectly lightly crusty white fish (I’m sure it had a beautiful French name) had gone a bit mushy

  • Warm cherry dessert of the day stopped any conversation around the table for 15 minutes at least

  • The sommelier surprised with both the main and dessert course selections, especially the latter of replacing the too-easy-to-default-to Sauternes with something much lighter and richer in nuances. (I actually wish I did take a picture of that bottle.)

All-in-all I am not quite sure if the place is worth both of the Michelin stars it has. Maybe just Michelin has drifted a bit off course and you always think that multiple stars places need to be somehow cold, formal and clinically exact in what they do. Chef Guilloux’ place feels somehow too homely, with a friendly and even a bit casual service with laughing waiters, owner’s huge dog laying around and so forth, to be “starred”.

VERDICT: definitively worth getting out of the Lux city limits for a very good dinner.

PS: a few more photos.

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