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Visual Connotations in the World of Rabbits

Wine label design miracle

Boy, this designer has had fun with the wine label. I can just imagine him sitting in front of a fancy Mac and starting with a blank InDesign worksheet. To point out some of the obvious examples of what was twirling in his head around the French Rabbit brand:

  • the letters “bb” in brand typography

  • still motion hopping on top (powered by methane exhumes from the rabbits, as noted by someone)

  • oh, do carrots hop now as well, with enough inertia to bounce off the “o” in chardonnay?

  • “bitemarks” into the green area of the package

  • the overall choice of TetraPak instead of a glass bottle so that your mom would accidentally buy it for carrot juice

PS: Didn’t try it, but was told it was quite drinkable… in the 4-euros-for-a-litre category.

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