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Blip.TV Beats YouTube on Quality

PC World has published a comparative review on video sharing sites. With the exception of Korea and France, YouTube still seems to be the #1 global option to get distribution for your flicks. However — as I’ve also concluded recently for myself — there is so much variety of (non-clone!) alternatives out there that beat the YT-behemoth hands down on quality, interesting niche approaches, revenue sharing models and more.

I’m especially happy that Blip.tv (a recent ASI investment) has come out first on PC World’s Top10 quality chart (check out the side-by-side embedded video comparision page as well).

The premiering content partners for Skype’s video sharing, Dailymotion and Metacafe also get mentioned. First as the feeder of all those French eyeballs and second for the monetization models for independent producers. Get Skype for Windows 3.5 gold or later to share the content of those two sites with your contacts.

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