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Lonely Estonian at Seedcamp

As the Seedcamp key dates are rolling by and the September week in London is getting closer for the lucky 20, Saul has been posting some intermediary updates.

My little personal sad news is that among the 260 applications sent in there was no a single one from Estonia. Hope it was not because the spreading the word effort was modest (thanks, guys, for helping on that!) rather because every startup (idea) around here already has enough competence, experience and financing. Wouldn’t be that nice to believe?

On there more positive side I’m going to be dropping by the event anyway on September 4th which is the Going to Market day covering product design and development as well as marketing strategies. It is quite cool to see that there is a notable group of people from and around Skype going to mentor. Even cooler – we didn’t agree on this internally as a Skype “raid”, but people are donating their time.

Looking forward to getting to know this wave of best & brightest entrepreneurs in person soon.

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