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Deep Thoughts on Immigration

Stepping outside of the Kogo (highly recommended, btw) restaurant in Prague I found myself chatting with our waiter of the night who had also come out for his break.

I learned that he was originally from Macedonia (ex-Yugoslavia). And that there is a notable Yugoslavian community living and working in Prague. Having a certain interest around free movement of labour in the contries we have offices in – and that includes Czech Republic – I had a few further questions.

At some point his English unfortunately failed. They guy stopped mid-sentence about his & his friends’ experiences with working in Prague to search for the right word. But then sighed and said: “Anyway. Nationality is nationality. Business is business. Life is life.”

Probably there are more than a few possible interpretations here. For me, this means that nationality-based borderlines (and preconceptions) in business are obsolete. How good you are in what you do, matters.

The service we received throughout the dinner was excellent.

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