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2007 Travel Stats

Just like in 2006 I took a look back to the calendar again to recap the time spent on the road (or in the air for that matter) in 2007:

  • Number of business trips: ~28

  • Flight legs: 79

  • Days away from home: ~95

  • London: 67 days (including a ~30 day stretch stay, though)

  • Prague: 8 days

  • Luxembourg: 6 days

  • San Jose: 6 days

  • Tokyo: 4 days

  • Brussels: 2 days

  • Netherlands: 2 days

Now, when it almost seems that the year on year travel stayed basically flat, I also looked at family holiday trips. These four (Tenerife, Burgundy, Zürich & Dominican Republic) add to another 14 flights to get away for ~30 days. Of course, with your loved ones along, those were much preferable kind of “away from home”.

Since you asked – yes, I am laid back in an armchair at home right this very second. And loving it.

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