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How to Present Your Story (of Stuff)

(the video above is just a teaser – to see the story in full glory, see [storyofstuff.com](http://www.storyofstuff.com/))

[The Story of Stuff](http://www.storyofstuff.com/) must be the lowest-effort way to spend 20 minutes of your life getting an introductory glimpse into the impact of our consumerist lifestyle to Mother Earth. Simplistic – yes. Slightly propagandist – maybe. US-centric – a bit, but guess where most of negative environmental impact originates from? Definitely worth your time nevertheless.

What I admire the most is the extremely effective use of different mediae and interaction of putting this thing together. Narrative meets video meets illustration meets animation meets data visualization in just the right way. Enhancing your consumption of new information while entertaining you. Importantly – while not overwhelming you with unnecessary effects.

After watching the story try to imagine how boring it could have been if written down as a text-based web page. Or a PowerPoint deck. Or even an audio podcast. Would you ever have made it to the end?

Don’t you wish the author of your daily dose of business presentations or school lectures had put in 2% of the effort seen here?

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