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Tallink Taxi – Service Matters

Just this week a new cab company launched in Tallinn. I’ve been quite happy with the one I (infrequently) use, but last night just thought I’d give them a try. And was in awe.

New bright yellow car, filled with shiny new gadgets, a big screen GPS, etc. Well, that’s what you get when you buy a whole fleet in 2008 and everyone else on the market has been around for 10 years plus.

But what was really special was the service. How often have you heard lines like these in a cab, anywhere in the world?

  • Sir, would you fancy listening to radio on the way this evening?
  • What would be your radio station preference?
  • How are you doing on cash? Just let me know if you need to stop by an ATM, but we do accept credit cards too, of course.
  • I haven’t been to your area often, so to aid my service with next customers, which would you say would be the most convenient ATM to stop by on the way there, if anyone needed to?
  • Thanks for riding with me, hope to see you again soon!

It was so different, polite and genuinely caring that I’m almost a little bit afraid to call 1921 again – maybe it was just this one guy… But I sincerely hope this meant that a newcomer to what seems to be a crowded market actually nailed what will make a difference.

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