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2008 Travel Report

Looking back at 2008 I discovered that it was a quiet one — travel-wise that is. Mostly I have to thank Etta for her appearance in May and becoming a good excuse for some no-fly-zone right before and paternity leave after, running into the summer.

  • Number of business trips: ~15
  • Flight legs: ~32 (+ 3 international trains)
  • Days away from home: ~67
    • London: 41 days (including one almost-a-month with whole family again)
    • Luxembourg: 11 days
    • San Jose / San Francisco: 7 days
    • Prague: 3 days
    • Brussels: 2 days
    • Paris, Athens, Helsinki: 1 day each (the latter only due to a canceled flight)

All-in-all, I was away 30% less and took almost 50% less flights than the year before. More video calls, logistical efficiency and less carbon footprint…

It was really nice to spend most of vacation time in Estonia, adding just over a week in Italy (first time there, btw) with two more flights. I am a bit sad not to make it over to Asia this year, those trips have always been a delight, especially Tokyo.

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