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Skype 4.0 Beta 3 – UPDATED

Skype launched the third beta version of the new and shiny 4.0 client for Windows in December. I missed reblogging the news here, but you can read from the source what Mike said about Beta 3 on Skype Blogs. In a nutshell, the History is back, a new Bandwidth Manager improves your audio and video call quality and the look of the whole client skin has been refreshed.

If you did not get it then, then today is a great day to download, as we’ve followed with a beta 3 hotfix release that makes it even better quality-wise.

Read also my past posts on Beta 1 and Beta 2 on why it is worth to upgrade to Skype 4.0.

And, as always, your continued feedback is much appreciated by the 4.0 team at Skype.

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