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OpenForum Europe

I spoke at OpenForum Europe conference last Friday, on the topic of open internet (aka net neutrality) and Skype’s negative experiences of the lack of it, like Deutche Telekom’s recent agressive blocking of our iPhone application.

The event featured an enlighting list of speakers and I truly enjoyed most of the day. However, instead of full-scale notetaking as I’ve sometimes done before, I decided to give live tweeting a try (as @seikatsu). From one end the 140 characters don’t leave much room for analysis and force you to cut even the original thoughts. But on the other hand these notes were available to anyone in real time and even sparked some discussions right away.

Anyway, the cleaned-up full list of my tweets is below. You can see quite a bit more from other people too when you do a Twitter search for the tag #openforum. And the original presentations are online here.

  • Dinner with “father of the internet” Vint Cerf and Commissioner Vivian Reading. Lots of great things said out loud.
  • Ziga Turk: remember that the moon landing footage was as bad quality as youtube today
  • Ziga Turk: we’ve shifted investments from industrial to conceptual economy (value in meaning not function)
  • Vint Cerf: power corrupts. Powerpoint corrupts absolutely.
  • Cerf: it is absurd how we got away with opening the tcp/ip specs completely… in the middle of the cold war.
  • Cerf: proposed motto: if its not open, you can’t call it internet [service]. it is against the original design.
  • Cerf: cloud computing is where internet was in 1973. It does not exist in the sense of vocabulary for using it universally.
  • Turk: if we didn’t have the Lisbon strategy, we wouldn’t even know how much Europe is lagging behind
  • Structural issue in browser competition – you have to win the SAME users over and over again from recurring IE defaults.
  • Mitchell Baker: 30m users today guarantee you nothing, no financial success, ipo, getting bought..
  • Anthony D Williams of Wikinomics fame on stage
  • Williams: blogger.com passed cnn.com traffic already in 2006
  • Williams: P&G has 1.8m external researchers networked, on call (9000 full time internally)
  • Williams: The Guardian DataStore – open access to the facts journalists have gathered
  • Graham Taylor: a person too old to be a digital native can live happily as a digital immigrant
  • People think standards are always good. They also often slow innovation and hide vested interests.
  • Two Web Masters: Spiderman and Obama.
  • Matt Asay/Alfresco, former student of Lessig asked “why have so many European open source projects left for USA?”
  • Minueesti? RT @PaulHofheinz: If ppl dont see public institutions solving problems, they will form other orgs to seek solution.
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