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Blog archive, regenerated

When my self-hosted Wordpress instance sent me an alarm the other day about everything being broken again due to some PHP upgrade two generations ahead of what I knew existed, I didn’t feel like having the time and energy to get into fixing it.

Instead, I took a few nights and looked into the fantastic world of static site generation. Imagine, no PHP, no databases, no out of sync plugins or script exploits.

With the help of Hugo and a Wordpress-to-Markdown script, everything went surprisingly smoothly.

Skipped all the navigation gimmicks, tag clouds, content categories and such. You probably landed here by search anyway.

So here’s just the stuff I wrote a while ago, in the simplest possible template.

If you see a broken image or a missing piece, just please ping me on Twitter, will you please?

PS: If you scroll down far enough, like to 2007, it is fun to see how I used to use a self hosted blog as the “manual Instagram” for the crappy nascent mobile cams, sometimes daily!

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