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Autumn Quarter Courses

To celebrate the kickoff of Autumn Quarter this week, this is a little overview of what lays ahead in my calendar:

Core classes:



  • STRAMGT 353 – Formation of New Ventures. I am #46 on waiting list and will drop – fortunately won the spring version of this class via a Super Round lottery, taught by Holloway & Morgridge. The fall version is taught by Rachleff & Leslie, but I get to meet them in other ways: with latter I now have the GSBGEN566 above and with former will try to apply to his other class, STRAMGT 359 – Aligning Start-ups with their Market this spring. So a classic example of combinatorics needed to take the most out of the vast selection of classes & professors here…
  • STRAMGT 543 – Entrepreneurial Acquisition by Dodson & Kelly. I’ve been generally very lucky with all allocations and lotteries, but this one just won’t happen, #54 on waiting list still…
  • MS&E 472 and the attached seminar MS&E 178 – the legendary Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders speaker series. Due to some course I won’t be able to take them for credit, but hope to still attend on most Wednesdays.
  • POLECON 584 – Managing Global Political Risk by Condoleezza Rice & Amy Zegart. You can only expect the demand for a seminar like this and by the time I got here, the separate application essay deadline had passed. 🙁
  • Some other good reading pointers that I went through coming to the final schedule:

Time to walk to the first class.

Look back on the Summer Quarter schedule is here. For more posts on the Stanford GSB Sloan life – click here to search by tag “sloan”.

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